ac|tive «AK tihv», adjective, noun.
1. showing much action; moving or capable of moving rather quickly much of the time; lively: »

as active as a kitten. Most children are more active than grown people.

SYNONYM(S): quick, agile.
2. showing much or constant action; brisk: »

an active market.

SYNONYM(S): vigorous, energetic, bustling.
3. acting; working: »

An active volcano may erupt at any time.

SYNONYM(S): operative.
4. working hard or with energy; busy and energetic; effective: »

still active in public affairs at 70. He took an active part in organizing the stamp club.

SYNONYM(S): diligent.
5. in action, operation, or use: »

an active account.

6. causing action or change.
7. radioactive.
8. Grammar. showing the subject of the verb as acting. In “He broke the window,” broke is in the active voice.
1. a) the active voice. b) a verb form in the active voice.
2. a person or thing that is active: »

... a determined bloc of Communist “actives” and leaders (Newsweek).

[< Latin āctīvus < agere do]
ac´tive|ly, adverb.
ac´tive|ness, noun.

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